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Ultimate Youtube Method To Make $300-500 A Day

1. YouTube account with multiple Google Plus pags
2. High quality YouTubers to subscribe to.

1. You're going to create some pages on Google+ ( )
2. Go to YouTube, then sign in and create a new channel for each of those pages.

3. You're going to want these accounts to look like real people on youtube, so use full names, single first names, and random names (go to a high quality channel like TheRadBrad and just take his commenters names and pictures).


Now! Find some high quality YouTubers to subscribe to. This trick works best in the gaming need gullible people and there are plenty in this niche.

4. Go back to create a page once you've picked your targets, and you're going to duplicate their google + profiles. Take their name, profile, and once you make the imposter YouTube page COPY THEIR CUSTOM DESCRIPTION! Build a big list to see more earnings.


Now, you have two options you want to do:

OPTION ONE: You can post a link to your money site, preferably niche related, in the comments and upvote it with multiple accounts. I used to do this, but YouTube changed their algo and now it requires a mix of comments, likes, and other sht to be the top comment and it still randomizes it.

OPTION TWO (I use this now): Boost the original post that shared the video a bit with spam, wait for it to hit 400~ comments (speed varies GREATLY depending on channel), then take the last comment with your fake profile of the original uploader and post a link to your site.

To this one, make some spam comments (each one has to be different) just to make sure you get your comments in. Then, whenever the video is close to or reaches the 500 comment mark (which is when it locks down), delete some of your spam comments and then make sure YOU are the 500th comment. This means that YOUR link will be up for MONTHS, and every single person who watches that video will likely see it. As the channel grows, so does your reach.

Do you get it?


Use Google+ to manage channels you're trying to impersonate. You can get an overview of all their videos and how close they are to reaching the 500 comment cap. Then swoop in and take over. No video is too old, they all generate residual traffic and it's going to be way more than 50 views a day per video. Literally every comment is guaranteed money.

This method is organic, TARGETED traffic to your money site, and people think it's coming from a place of AUTHORITY that they ALREADY TRUST (the YouTube channel owner)

Once you get your comment up, you can link them to anything. I typically do:

- Google plus posts, these rarely get filtered. I make one high quality then boost its like and shares with fiverr to give it authenticity. Then I comment a few times and let it rip. Still using ones I've been using for an entire year, I don't think they get blocked.
- Domains (
- 301 Redirect domains (cheap domains, like .tk or .info, that redirect to your money site) Go for ones that cost free to $5, you'll get a return on your investment within minutes

Posts not close to 500 comments, but you still want to post on them? When you get used to bypassing the youtube system, you can just spam them.

My favorite niches:

-Playstation Network 
-Clash of Clans
-French niches (high quality YouTubers like Squeezie, google search "popular french youtube channels" to target different countries with this method"
-League of Legends
-Amazon iTunes and GooglePlay (target the trending videos that the general public are going crazy for)

I target all of these by using popular gaming channels.

Why am i giving this out? Simple.

I'm done with the method. I've found a few specific niches outside of the gaming niche that are working way better for me so I'm focusing on those, but I want this to continue. I got lucky as hell learning this, and it was so simple I had NO competition because everyone thinks "oh wow, that will never work, people aren't that stupid". I even showed some of my best friends and offered to teach them, and they simply didn't believe people fall for it. I bet you don't either.


You can start this today and make $100. You keep it up for a week and you'll probably be on that autopilot. This method is everything.

-No botting required
-Easy to do
-Gives you authority
-Gives you targeted traffic
-YouTube can't do anything to fix it (they gave special names to the real channels like a year ago, clearly hasn't stopped me)
-Works with any niche that people make videos for.

I made $500 in a day as you see above. Watching (not really but you get the idea) YouTube videos.

I'll format this post a little better later. Get out there and try this guys. I'll probably ignore stupid questions, I had to learn ALL of this on my own. The biggest lesson I learned:

people will believe anything if you are offering what they want

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